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Shear it Up

Pup need a "shape or clean up" this package is for your pup! 

Your pup may come in scruffy but will leave with a pep in her/his step!

 All cuts are tailored to breed patterns/specifications   

Hand Stripping


Hand Scissoring

Sanitary Clipping/Shaving

Puppy Cuts

Nail Trimming

Rejuvenating Paws

 When your pup needs to de-funk and re-rag he/she will enjoy the fragrance of a blueberry facial, anal gland expression, sanitary clipping/shaving, nail trim, teeth brushing, paw care and ear cleaning

Hair Raising

For dogs that are in between "shear it up"  spa sessions (see above) especially for double coated breeds.  Service includes full bath, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, removal of loose/dead coat, all over brushing and de-shedding. 

De-funk & Re-Rag

There are times when your furbaby find her/himself smelling the "backside" of a skunk or prefers "natures" perfume (deer poop and/or carcasses) let our fine groomers de-funk and re-rag your pup with the additional services to include:


Flea and Tick Shampoo



Itchy Owe

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