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Dog Training Consultation

The dog training consultation is usually our first step for my clients, unless you have very few behavior issues and prefer to begin with a  private lesson program.

This is how we get a better idea of what’s going on with your dog. When I can see exactly how your dog is behaving, then I can customize a plan for both you (and your family) and your dog.

Sometimes we are able to stop the bad behaviors in this one visit together. However, remember, that consistency is your friend when training a dog, and this is why I also offer customized dog training solutions for further work together. 

Image by Alondra Pavón

Private (one on one) Consultation 

The consultation is 60 minutes and takes place where the misbehavior(s) happen for your convenience.  I observe you, family members and anyone who interacts with the dog.  I'm observing the behavior of the dog and how the family attempts to "correct" and/or stop the misbehavior(s). 


At the end of the consultation, we'll discuss my observation, provide tips on how to curtail the behavior and which course of action is best for the dog, you and/or family. 

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