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See the dog training results my clients received from working with ME!

Kelli was awesome! We bought a border collie puppy who was food aggressive at 8 weeks and had separation anxiety and hyperactivity. After the first visit, Oliver was getting in and out of his kennel on his own, and i was sleeping peacefully through the night.His food aggression ended. He now brings me his treats and rawhides like he is sharing.

Second visit and third visit we learned basics at my request and learned basic manners (no leash pulling and jumping, no mouthing) and he is doing 80% better. She also taught me how to calm down his hyperactivity.

Third visit we continued these things.

I never felt rushed by Kelli, she took her time and often our appointments continued over the hour. I will def be using her in the future.

Amanda V.


Kelli has a heart for the animals! Seriously the dogs would have temper tantrums if Ms Kelli didn't love on them before class. I started basic obedience frustrated and irritated with my pup (by pup I mean 100 lb 10 month old). She helped him & I set and learn boundaries. When we graduated tonight I had confidence and was a gentleman. I seriously cannot recommend her enough! Looking forward to intermediate training!

Denna R. 


Whiskey and I had our first session with Kelly today. I really like Kelly’s training style, she is on top of it and immediately let’s you know what to do if you are off. She pays close attention to everything that is going on during the class and to me, that is very important. I am already looking forward to our next sessions.

Heidi M. 


Kelli came to my rescue and took the time to teach me how to care for my 4 month old puppy. She very kind, patient and loves dogs.

Araybia R.


I walked Gracie this morning. She walked close to 2 miles without me holding the leash. She was in a heel beside me. She had several distractions including two dogs that she didn't even look at. She sat at all crosswalks and only crossed when I told her to heal. I took a video to show everyone. Gracie has been with Bully Brigade training since the beginner's class, and she is now in advanced training. If you want results call Kelli and get your pup signed up!

Kelly E. J. 

Kelli is a wonderful trainer to work with. She has helped numerous dogs that have come into my shop with training tips and solutions to problems such as pulling, recall, and aggressive behavior. She uses positive reinforcement and educates her clients on overall health of their dogs. She is also an advocate on animal rescue and takes the time to help dogs other trainers have given up on. I recommend her 110%. She is truly the best.

Nancy G

My dog was being reactive and I was getting frustrated. I started to look for trainers, and the first one I emailed emailed me back and multiple times referred to my "dogs" throughout the response, if they didn't take the time to read my email carefully enough to know I only had one dog, how could I trust them? Kelli came recommended. I got a great impression from the first email back. She asks questions about the problems you are having with your dog, (when did it start, what situations does it occur in, what is your reaction when it happens, etc.). For my situation she recommended the Effective Pack Leader package. She comes to you and works with you and your dog. She is training you how to train your dog. She cares about your dog, and your progression. She sends emails to check up between sessions, and makes it clear she is available via phone or email for any questions. She was great to work with and I am very happy with my experience.

Megan K 

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