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Exclusive Dog Lodging

I found that offering lodging to my clients who have done a private lesson program and/or lodge and train with me, helps them keep up the training very easily when they have to travel. 

I enjoy providing a safe, structured, and beautiful space for my "GUESTS", where they can continue their training AND have the space to run, go hiking and have a blast.

This is available ONLY for clients, by invitation only, of Bully Brigade & ALL Training, LLC. 

Image by Kara Eads


Exclusivity has its privileges!

The Pup Penthouse

Accommodations within the residence for small dogs up to 25lbs. The Penthouse accommodates up to (2) two dogs and in the in-suite amenities include: personal elevated food/water bowls, spacious beds for each dog, and size specific toys to encourage active play! 

The Farmhouse Country Cottage

Accommodations withing the spacious and renovated barn for medium to large dogs.  The Cottage accommodates (2) two to (4) dogs (dogs in the same household may stay together) in the roomy 11x11 stable with dual heating and cooling system to ensure the pup(s) comfortAmenities include personal elevated food/water waters, spacious comfy cots for each dog and size specific toys


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