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Kennel Attendants

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Job Description​

  • Greet every client with a smile, address client and pet by name
  • Give kennel tours
  • Follow kennel procedures manual
  • Walk all boarded dogs several times a day to provide exercise and time for elimination of bowels and bladder
  • Make sure stalls and dogs are properly numbered and identified and that personal property (toys, treats, blankets, leashes) are stored in the proper area and identified.
  • Make sure each dog has the proper identification (stall card, name tag)
  • Observe and monitor dogs appearance and activity for general physical condition and discontent.
  • Make sure all dogs are in the correct location.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all runs as often as necessary to ensure stalls are not soiled and odors are not apparent.
  • Wash and dry towels and blankets. Wash and sterilize water and food bowls.
  • Take charge and/or handle dogs as required and restrain hard to control dogs.
  • Use proper restraints and safety techniques when handling the dogs.
  • Maintain cleanliness of entire pet resort, pathway, and grounds.
  • Make sure dogs are clean and fresh smelling prior to discharge.
  • Patrol grounds, picking up any trash and stool material. Empty trash.
  • Stock each kennel area with proper cleaning items.
  • Dismiss pets.
  • Report any maintenance issues to the floor leader/manager. 
  • Reliable motor vehicle and active Driver's License.

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