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Kennel Supervisor

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Job Description​

 The Kennel Supervisor  position is one of high visibility and one of the most important positions at 818 Kennels.  The coveted individual will be   responsible for the daily management, supervision and evaluation of kennel staff, outlining the responsibilities of the subordinate staff, scheduling, and disciplinary actions as needed.  The Kennel Supervisor must possess a thorough knowledge of canine health & general dog care and kennel operations in order to effectively supervise kennel operations.


  • Supervise Kennel Staff: Ensure proper staffing and coverage and maintain staffs' work schedules, oversee scheduling
  • Anticipate staff vacancies and coordinate adjustments to maintain kennel coverage.
  • Prioritize and coordinate daily, weekly and monthly duties of kennel techs and ensure adherence to rules and procedures.
  • Participate in interdepartmental objectives and trainings, organize and conduct regular staff meetings.
  • Actively recruit, interview and hire Kennel Staff and respond to inquiries from the public, volunteers and applicants.
  • Oversee and ensure kennels are maintained to 818 Kennels standards
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently  with peers, employees and customers
  • Oversee staff training in all kennel management details, including kennel cleaning and maintenance procedures, staff scheduling, and canine health maintenance and treatments that occur in a kennel environment
  • Clean individual kennels and maintain a sanitary kennel environment.
  • Provide basic and specialized care to kenneled dogs, including feeding, walking, exercising.
  • Administer basic treatments and medications individually, as well as assuring consistency and accuracy within the kennels.
  • Prepare and dispense dog food, adjust food amounts according to dogs needs
  • Assist in emergency first aid, wound treatment and exams as needed.


  • Maintain written records of dogs moving into or out of kennel, individual dog care, or behavior following 818 Kennels protocols.
  • Maintain good oral and written communications with co-workers, instructors and customers.
  • Participate in meetings, educational sessions.
  • Maintain kennel protocol and procedural records.
  • Assist with graduation and special events (dog training).







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